Amy Haslehurst is a visual artist from Perth, Western Australia currently residing in Iceland.

Since a young age, Amy (under the name brokensundowns) has used self-portraiture as a a form of expression and to create new worlds. After graduating with a degree in Fine Arts and Photography, she moved across the world to Iceland where her work took on new form.

Exploring themes of isolation and melancholia fused with influence from Icelandic folklore and the moody and volatile landscapes in Iceland, Amy continues to use self-portraiture to create ghostly characters that wander in the shadows of the earth.



Lens Obscura - Last Rites Gallery, New York 2017

Lone, Photographic Portraits in Iceland - KURB Gallery, Perth 2014

Emerging Artists Exhibition - South Perth, 2015

Auto-luminescent - Photography Grad Show, PCP 2015

Curtin Fine Arts Graduation Show - Perth 2015



Winters Night (Iceland)- December 2017

Caldera (Iceland)  August 2017

Odyssey (Iceland) July 2017

Labyrinth (Iceland) June 2017

Winters Night (Iceland) November 2016

Midnight Glow (Iceland) June 2016

Arctic Light (Iceland) December 2015


Selected Articles

A Course in Dying